The PROWESS Workshops provide the tools to suceed
                         professionally, socially and personally.                         


 Good manners, or the lack of them - can determine one's professional and personal success or failure. Regardless of your field, prowess in professional etiquette skills and an understanding of the protocol observed in your respective workplace are essential. When the rules of etiquette are observed, a lifelong return on that investment can be realized through increased academic and career opportunities and enhanced professional, social and personal relationships.

The PROWESS Workshops help participants acquire the skills that can enhance their professional brands by offering:

  • An alternative to expensive private career counseling services
  • Small interactive workshops that mirror the interpersonal environment of the workplace, family and social situations 
  • Discussions, feedback, and role playing 
  • A relaxed, non-threatening and encouraging atmosphere 

The skills taught in the Workshops are essential for students and professionals who are working, job hunting or entering the fields of business, technology, entertainment, the fine arts, letters, publishing, architecture, law, medicine, science, academia, public and government service, not-for-profit; in other words, any field! Wherever there are people, etiquette and protocols apply.

It is never too early to learn the basic rules of etiquette; however, by the time a student enters high school, understanding the conventions of the adult world becomes essential to prepare for higher education and careers.

The PROWESS Workshops are offered through partnerships with local high schools, colleges and corporations, as well as through private arrangement.

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